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Episode 3 · 5 months ago

Episode 3 - Pastor & Musician John Pickering

Christian News

 Coronona Virus Act 2020

 Decline in Marriage

 RSE programme dropped



 The Healthy Living Corner

 Foraging for Food in May

 Open Air Factor



 Is the Bible wrong when it refers to the Moon in Gen 1 as the lesser light, when we now know it reflects light from the sun, and is it also wrong when it calls the Sun the greater light, because it is not the largest star in space?


Comedy- Ethan and James Theatre of the Mind

 Can God use a Doctor's talent? Ethan decides he needs some marriage counselling.


Our Special Guest John Pickering

 Our guest for this episode is Musician and Pastor John Pickering.


John Pickering has released 7 Albums, written a book, been a teacher, and even created a guitar from a Tennis Racquet!!


We discuss his music, ministry and John's thoughts on Television.


Show Links


Hasland Baptist Church

John Pickering on You Tube



With One Accord Concert, featuring John Pickering,Without Borders and others

Christian Concern's Breakdown of the Coronavirus Act 2020



Theatre of the Mind Script by Bob Snooks

Episode 2 · 5 months ago

Episode 2 - Guest Mike Copeman of Fiskerton Revival Centre

Christian News Items


  • How Europe is leaving Christianity for Paganism,
  • DIY abortions just legalised by the English government!!


Christian Comedy


In this episode Ethan & James explore what it would be like if a false messiah came to your local radio station!??


Our Special Guest


Mike Copeman


Mike Copeman is the leader of the Fiskerton Revival Centre, Talk Revival Radio caught up with him to discuss the ministry of Henri Staples which started in 1948 in Newark and spread around the world. We also discuss about Mike's own ministry, how he has personally seen God move mightily over the years and how he feels God is leading his ministry in the future.


Show Links




Comedy script written by Bob Snooks


Episode 1 · 5 months ago

Episode 1 - Guest David Spencer of Open Arms to Romania

In this our first ever episode, we introduce ourselves and talk a little bit about who we are and what we do.


Our Special Guest


Dave Spencer


Our guest for this episode is David Spencer of Open Arms to Romania.


Talk Revival Radio caught up with him to discuss the adventures of Dave and the team, we find out who “The Duchess” is and how (despite Romania no longer making headline news) the need for the gospel and aid is just as important as ever.


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